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How Do I Achieve Good Compliance?

Involving your patients in decisions about their care is of course best practice.  However, getting them to provide you data on their progress long after treatment and when their problem or injury is no longer an issue, is a challenge, leaving with you with low compliance and data that is not meaningful.

As the leading provider of electronic PROMs and clinical outcomes to the NHS, Amplitude Clinical Outcomes understands the importance of good compliance.  The lower the compliance, the less meaningful and the lower the value of the data.

There are a number of simple steps and actions that can be taken to get good patient engagement and compliance.  Our experience clearly shows that a key factor in obtaining high compliance is the interaction you as a clinician have with your patients.  Explain to them the significance and importance of them reporting their progress, not just initially after treatment but sometimes, well into the future.

Having these initial conversations at the time of first appointment, can take an extra minute or two but the pay back is great.  Leaflets, posters, business cards and other literature is also extremely useful in explaining the process and communicating the importance of collecting outcomes, but nothing can replace the value of a personal request or plea from the clinician themselves to the patient.

In order to support you in getting the highest possible compliance rates, Amplitude is now offering a compliance service to its customers with guaranteed results!

Do you have any tips on achieving good compliance?  We’d love to hear from you!  Comment on this post and let us know how you maintain your compliance.  Alternatively, you can contact Amplitude on 0333 014 6363 or email to learn more about its services.

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