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NHS Ranked Number One Health System of 11 Countries

In a recent report, published by the Commonwealth Fund, a US think tank, it has been revealed that the NHS has been ranked as the number one health system, for the 2nd time, in a comparison of 11 other countries including the US, Canada, Australia, France and Germany. To view the full BBC article, please click here.

Of the five themes measured, there was just one in which the NHS was ranked poorly; health outcomes.

As outcomes move increasingly into the spotlight, more hospitals and clinicians are looking to actively monitor their own outcomes in real time so that they know the data they have is accurate, meaningful and not based on national statistics, that can sometimes not be a true reflection of the quality of care they provide.

In addition, outcomes data and statistics provided by central government and other agencies are often out of date by the time they are published.  In most circumstances, they are certainly not of high enough quality on which to base decisions about changes in care provided.

Amplitude, as a patient health outcomes software provider, has been working closely with many NHS Trusts and hospitals to support them in collecting and reporting on their outcomes and providing them with real time data for local review and analysis, so that they can make timely decisions about the care they are delivering.    But there is still a long way to go and we are pleased to see the importance of outcomes collection has been highlighted in this report.

Without accurate, meaningful and timely data, it is almost impossible for care providers to track their patients’ progress and recovery and use that data to influence and improve the care being given.

Amplitude has the functionality to electronically capture outcomes data on ALL treatments, automatically send to relevant recipients such as clinical registries for research, NHS Digital and other organisations collecting data on behalf of the NHS such as National Joint Registry data.  Our systems allow clinicians and hospitals to review this data in near real time so they can take control and make informed decisions.

As a global provider, we are not only here to benefit the people of the UK, but worldwide.  The world is ready for Amplitude outcomes data collection.

To learn more about the Amplitude software, set up a site demo, or claim your one month free trial of the pro one™ software for individual clinicians, then please contact us at or call 0333 014 6363.

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