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Amplitude Clinical Outcomes

Amplitude Clinical Outcomes, based in Droitwich Worcestershire, has earned a huge achievement in enabling the first NHS Trust in the UK, and possibly globally, to submit National PROMs electronically.




The Royal Berkshire Hospital Foundation Trust (RBHFT) is the first hospital in the United Kingdom to submit National Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) electronically.

The core values of the RBHFT Orthopaedics Department means that patients are at the heart of everything it does. Its strategy involves understanding its’ performance in all areas by recording outcome and patient experience data.  They attempt to learn from patient feedback and continually improve the quality of patient treatment.  It is committed to delivering the best possible outcomes for patients, safely, whilst living within its means.  The hospital embraces innovation and has the courage to exploit evolving technology and, as part of its cost reduction and efficiency objective it is determined to reduce paper within the organisation.

Three years ago, a group of senior clinicians and support staff, led by Mr Sean O’Leary, introduced a new online system for creating a central database of the outcome of all its major orthopaedic procedures. This information is then used to feed the emerging National Registries for the various surgical procedures. This includes the mandatory submission of outcomes for hip and knee replacement.   Mr O’Leary is devoted to improving orthopaedic provision, not just in his own hospital, but also nationally by understanding the clinical outcome and patient experience.  He was a key member in the creation of the UK National Ligament Registry and was Chairman from 2013-2016.

The system is powered by Amplitude Clinical, UK based clinical outcomes software specialists, and leading supplier of electronic PROMs to the NHS.  The new programme is branded “MyCORE” and collates information on every patient’s Care, Outcome, Recovery and Experience.


Following the success of the initial project, the next step was to automate the capture and upload of mandatory National PROMs to NHS Digital.  Until now, this was an arduous paper exercise which is expensive and results in poor patient compliance.  Compliance is essential to give a full, clear picture of true performance.  In addition, when collecting data via paper, results are not known for many weeks and it is hard to drill down into the data to understand where things can be improved.

The RBHFT team, it’s National PROMs provider, Membership Engagement Services (MES) and Amplitude worked in partnership to develop a mechanism to deliver electronic data recording and submission.   The data is captured in real-time and the RBHFT can retain it in order to have immediate vision of performance; giving a real understanding of quality and the ability for more agile decision making for improvements.

Amplitude’s Project Manager, Tom Ward, stated:

We were thrilled to have the Royal Berkshire Hospital Foundation Trust come on board to implement Amplitude.  It was a project we could really take a hold of and run with.  Amplitude and the hospital worked collaboratively together extremely well and delivered a system completely in line with their objectives.

The RBHFT is pioneering in using technological innovation for PROMs collection.  CEO, Steve McManus, is delighted about the success of the project, he said:

“I am extremely excited at the prospect of our hospital leading the charge in gathering not only electronic National PROMs, but outcomes throughout the entirety of Orthopaedics.  It is innovations such as these that put patients first and gives them the reassurance that their Care, Outcome, Recovery and Experience is top priority for their Consultant, clinical team and the Trust.”

The RBHFT has the confidence and courage to do things differently. MyCORE has evolved and the inclusion of electronic National PROMs has been live within the Foundation Trust for 3 months.  The project leads are now concentrating on embedding it into everyday workflows by promoting the initiative to Clinicians and patients, to ensure high Clinician and patient engagement to give the hospital the data it needs to make informed and timely decisions about the quality of care provided.

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