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Amplitude Clinical Outcomes

Amplitude Clinical Outcomes’ Pro One Summary and Case Study

When it comes to ensuring optimal patient care on an ongoing basis, few resources are more important than accurately documented clinical outcomes. Amplitude Clinical Outcomes (ACO) specialises in developing software that effectively measures patient progress through the use of questionnaires that provide valuable feedback regarding symptom reduction and treatment results.

As an accredited member of the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN), ACO is licensed to collect clinical outcome data from the United Kingdom’s private healthcare system. By helping doctors collect and assess data from patients in an organised manner, the company aims to assist in the achievement of clinical excellence across a broad range of treatment types.

A Closer Look at the Amplitude Clinical Outcomes Pro One

Any clinician who is concerned about their patients’ treatment should have a reliable way to monitor and analyse progress both on an individual basis and across their entire case mix. In 2017, collecting data on clinical outcomes will be made mandatory for all medical practices, so now is the time for doctors to start selecting and becoming familiar with an ideal software solution. Amplitude Pro One helps physicians and medical institutions achieve such monitoring for research, revalidation, and treatment improvement purposes.

Unfortunately, collecting data independently is not an easy task, especially without the help of a software system. Data collection and analysis takes time and effort, and the compiled data is typically not stored within a context that is easy to manage or access. The Pro One solves this problem by streamlining data and feedback collection through the automation administration of standardised electronic questionnaires, which patients and physicians can conveniently fill out on their smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Amplitude Clinical’s Pro One system makes it possible to compile and assess clinical outcomes for every patient, whether private or NHS, in a centralised digital platform. The user-friendly interface largely eliminates software fatigue while bringing dissected information into proper context for accurate analysis. All patient data is easily accessible and can be incorporated into custom reports for analysis or shared via integrated distribution methods.

Pro One is a simplistic web-based software system that makes it possible to completely automate the collection and analysis of patient data in both post and pre operative environments. With collection and reporting streamlined, physicians have more time to focus on revalidating their findings to more accurately reflect the outcomes of their practice. As a result, the system makes it possible to draw useful conclusions that can lead to the adjustment and improvement of treatment protocols. A primary goal of the software is to help clinicians project a clearer summary of their case mix for the sake of research and treatment optimisation.

Patients can easily be added to the database in a quick 1-minute intake process. Once added, each patient is given a custom set of assessments based on their treatment pathways, so the data collected is always relevant and useful in intervention. Patients automatically receive questionnaires and assessments on the device of their choice at preset time intervals, eliminating the need to visit the clinic to submit outcome data.

The system also sends out reminders and follow-ups to patients who have not yet completed their assessment questionnaires. Clinicians can also add procedural information and complexity factors specific to each patient using included digital forms, thereby ensuring that all data is relevant to the intervention and accurately representative of the patient’s unique progression throughout treatment.

Pro One includes a fully integrated reporting tool that makes it possible to pull and compile clinical outcome data into useful reports, which can be generated in real-time with a single click. With an abundance of predesigned report templates and raw data file formats, the system makes it easy to extract all collected data for audit, analysis, and research.

A Case Study with Fortius Clinic

The Fortius Clinic handles a large volume of orthopaedic treatment cases and sports injuries, offering specialised private care in their state-of-the-art clinic in Central London. With access to London’s best private hospitals and other world-class facilities, the clinic’s consultants and clinicians are able to provide multi-faceted treatment for orthopaedic conditions and sports injuries.

With so much data flowing in and out of their practice, Fortius Clinic had a strong need for a reliable and effective way to collect and manage patient outcome data. The staff at the clinic realised they needed a computer-based system to keep track of the extensive number of cases they manage. Prior to using Pro One, the staff at Fortius was bogged down with time-consuming data collection processes that resulted in mishaps and low performance due to data duplication, difficult access to information, and a low patient response rate that continued to decline with each assessment.

Being that the clinic provides treatment for a broad range of complicated orthopaedic complaints, it was necessary to upgrade to a comprehensive digital system that can handle all of the factors involved in a wide range of injuries and conditions (i.e – questionnaires for people with knee problems and different questionnaires for people with shoulder problems, etc.) Furthermore, the clinic is somewhat unique in that they attempt to collect data from all patients, not just those who require surgery. As such, they needed the ability to gather data from a large number of patients in a more effective and organised manner, and they needed it to be able to collect data from both physicians and patients via their smartphones and tablets, without any confusion or difficult processes involved.

All of these needs and more were met by the introduction of the Amplitude Pro One system, which enabled the clinic to gather, organise, and assess an immense amount of useful data on an automated basis. This data can then be used to create custom reports and analysis that can be shared with other clinics, hospitals, and healthcare providers. The clinic’s data is presented alongside easy access to relevant clinical data and research specific to each kind of condition or injury, in order to put patient outcomes into perspective and help physicians improve treatment methods.

A Summary of the Clinic’s Experience with Pro One

From the beginning, Fortius Clinic found the Pro One system to be an incredible time-saver as well as a way for their clinicians and patients to learn more about their outcomes in comparison to expected results and previous case studies. As a web-based software interface, Pro One can be accessed from any device that can run a web browser, thereby eliminating any possible compatibility issues to ensure that both patients and doctors can use the system with ease. The staff at Fortius also found the system’s simplicity and flexibility to be beyond what was expected, letting clinicians customise forms, reports, questionnaires, and scores to their likings according to individual patient needs and unique case factors.

While the original base system that the clinic sampled during the initial presentation did not accommodate all of their goals, Amplitude Outcomes was able to collaborate with Fortius Clinic to develop a bespoke solution with additional features designed specifically for their requirements.

The clinic’s management has stated that, although Pro One wasn’t originally everything they wanted it to be, it was by far the most user-friendly and intuitive solution they tried, and Amplitude was willing to go the extra mile to develop a custom solution that would meet all of the clinic’s expanding needs and preferences.

Ultimately, Amplitude provided the clinic with an advanced version of Pro One based on decades of healthcare experience, yet with a strong emphasis on ease-of-use for the patient, in order to facilitate higher questionnaire completion rates. By making it easier for both patients and doctors to input information into the system from any device, Pro One was able to effectively achieve the goal of improving the Fortius Clinic’s data collection and analysis efforts.

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