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Amplitude Clinical Outcomes

Amplitude is poised for growth as an independent UK business

UK based IT healthcare systems specialist, Amplitude Clinical, has announced today that recent growth has led to a natural separation from its former alliance with Bluespier International. The success of the Company has inevitably led to regular recruitment and is providing opportunities for jobs and training for in a range of different areas of business both technical, sales and support.

Amplitude Clinical systems are designed to make collection of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) simple, accurate and meaningful. To meet the increasing pressure on healthcare providers, to offer a patient centred treatments, against tight budgets, it is necessary to understand the outcomes of patients both from the patient’s own perspective and clinical outcome. PROMs are crucial to create a fully patient centred healthcare system.

IT is an essential tool to support the collection of data in large volumes, to assess quality and measure progress, to track patient outcomes in order to ascertain whether treatments have delivered the desired outcomes and, provide value for money. Amplitude works with healthcare providers to make the burden of achieving PROMs simple and meaningful and, as society demands information, Amplitude is growing rapidly to deliver a continuously improving product for Hospitals, Clinicians, Clinical Registries and, most importantly, for patients.

Amplitude and Bluespier have been closely aligned since Amplitude was created in 2010. Whilst Amplitude and Bluespier have always been separate commercial entities, with different and specific products, they were owned by the same individual shareholders. Amplitude was born out of and, drew on the knowledge base and expertise of Bluespier. For practical purposes, both organisations have shared some resources, including office space and support staff, until recent months.

An exciting and timely opportunity has recently arisen for Bluespier. It has now joined the Clanwilliam Group whose other brands include Helix Health (RxWeb) and Professional Medical Management Services. In order to ensure continuity for both Amplitude and Bluespier the Director/Shareholders have decided to end their long and fruitful partnership. Gavin Webb is remaining with Bluespier and, with the support of the larger group, will continue to develop the Bluespier products and services for the NHS and private practice. Susan Williams will continue as Managing Director of Amplitude together with David Selvey as Clinical Director.

Susan said “I am delighted to share this information with you at a time when Amplitude is flourishing and we believe that it will benefit from following its own separate pathway in the future. We have demonstrated, through our work with Bluespier, that we are committed to delivering systems that will benefit the people who provide our healthcare services and make a real difference to patients. Joining Clanwilliam is a tremendous achievement for Bluespier and testimony to its success as a leading provider of clinical data and Theatre Management solutions. Amplitude has benefited greatly from our relationship.”

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