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Amplitude Clinical Outcomes

Amplitude Pro Series – Health Outcomes for the Improvement of Care

It is a fact that everyone would like an improvement in healthcare and every aspect from the patient’s experience at hospital to his or her improved state of health are able to be measured. These measurements, referred to as health outcomes, are widely agreed within the healthcare industry in terms of changes within a patient’s quality of life or the state of his or her health.
These health outcomes are then used to establish standards aimed at the improvement of literally every aspect of care provided. Data on activity such as readmission to hospital and other types of measurements are used to measure health outcomes and these can be documented by clinicians and administrators.

The Importance of Collecting Outcome Data

The primary goal of collecting health outcomes systematically is to utilise the data collected to measure the effectiveness of treatments. SCORES, then, will enable a provider to continually review and assess treatments given with the main objective of assessing standards in care they have been offering. This will help in the identification of any unnecessary complications or problems which can then be addressed to prevent in the future.

Going forward, the evaluation of treatment outcomes offers proof of any risks and benefits derived from care being given. This information can be used by both patients and their clinicians to make a determination as to what type of treatment is best suited for a particular illness or condition.

Amplitude Pro One for Clinicians – Understanding Outcomes

One thing that is understood from the very beginning is that clinicians like yourself care about the outcome of treatments being given to your patients. Both in terms of care being given to individual patients as well as across an entire practice, there is a real need to gather and manage Patient Reported Outcome Measures. As a clinician, it is vital that the data collected be representative of your clinical caseload as well as for effective research and reassessment. The benefit of Amplitude Pro One is that you can now collect and manage outcome data in a time efficient way and maintain these records all in a central location.

Amplitude Pro Enterprise for Hospitals – Management of Outcomes

Here again, it is understood that hospitals aim towards the constant improvement in levels of care being given to patients. In an effort to monitor your services, measurements of care being given to patients and how these services are provided is of vital importance. PROMs and clinical outcomes are combined within Pro Enterprise in software that is web-based and highly cost effective. The combined results offer invaluable insight into just how your hospital is performing as well as the knowledge you will need to build new strategies for continual improvement in care.

Amplitude Research Pro Registry – Specialist Societies

Registries always seek to better understand and, of course, monitor the management of clinical care being given within their specialties. As well, they seek the improvement of resources, techniques and care delivery. Quite often a registry will focus on various facets of treatments they offer. Some concentrate on particular injuries or illnesses whilst others focus on specific procedures.

Amplitude Pro Registry ensures that data being collected from patient groups is correct and relevant so that research within a specialty can be improved. You can be secure in the fact that Pro Registry is the result of years of experience in the creation, management and support of national registries.


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