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Amplitude Outcomes Meeting 2020

On Monday 5th October 2020, many outcomes and PROMs enthusiasts from around the UK got together to discuss how PROMs and outcomes can be used to achieve best practice and improve the quality of healthcare provision.     Profiles on […]

System Outage Report

At approximately 15:00hrs on Monday 14th September 2020, Microsoft Azure experienced an interruption of service, caused by a cooling failure in part of one of their UK data centres. The automated response to this failure was to shut down infrastructure […]

Virtual Bedside Manner

Bedside manner. The GMC encourages UK medical courses to teach the importance of effective communication to ‘Tomorrow’s Doctors, including demonstrating how to break bad news, discuss sensitive issues or plan treatment with vulnerable patients.   Given 2020’s rapid transition to […]

Best Technology for Healthcare or Panic Buying?

In my last blog I spoke about how the current pandemic has opened up a host of opportunities to the NHS, to enable it to leverage technology to drive service improvements, as well as improvements to patient care and their […]

Using Virtual Clinics To Prioritise Patients & Screen For Covid-19

The post COVID-19 world

Without a doubt, the current pandemic has been a life changing event for us all.  As a result, the NHS has seen a huge change in behaviour, not just in the way COVID-19 patients are treated but in the way […]

How Royal Berkshire NHS FT Are Using Amplitude To Power Their Virtual Rheumatology Clinic

Download pdf version here   Introduction The following case study relates to the implementation of Amplitude in the Rheumatology Department at the Royal Berkshire Hospital for use as a virtual follow up system for patients with Psoriatic Arthritis. Background Royal […]

The critical role of Virtual Clinics during Covid-19 – Your How to Guide

In these unprecedented times, where routine is replaced with urgent and staff are seconded, leaving skeleton teams to cancel and manage elective procedures and chronic disease clinics, look to existing technology to support your hospital and patient needs and maximise […]

Cauda Equina: Damages to the patient and to the NHS bank balance

Back pain is an extremely common ailment presented in primary care and while the vast majority of patients are experiencing muscular or disc related conditions, a minority could be experiencing symptoms of Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES), a potentially life-threatening condition […]

World’s First Combined Orthopaedic Clinical Registry launches in South Africa

World’s First Combined Orthopaedic Clinical Registry launches in South Africa, powered by Amplitude Clinical Outcomes, software company in Worcestershire, UK. The South African Orthopaedic Association has launched a digital clinical research tool that will support surgeons of all orthopaedic specialities […]

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