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Amplitude Clinical Outcomes

What are clinical outcomes and what is the benefit?

What are clinical outcomes?

Clinical outcomes are broadly agreed, measurable changes in health or quality of life that result from our care. Constant review of our clinical outcomes establishes standards against which to continuously improve all aspects of our practice.

Measuring change using clinical outcome measures is one way to monitor the clinical impact of the services Hospitals / Trusts and Private practices provide for their service users.

This information provides quality assurance around our clinical effectiveness and is extremely useful to all clinicians.

How to measure clinical outcomes?

We all want to improve our healthcare. All aspects of this, from the improved health of an individual to improved hospital experience, can be measured.

Outcome measures can also be reported by patients and their families. Measures of treatment outcomes from the patient’s perspective are called patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs). PROMs are an important part of outcomes measurement because they provide a patient-led assessment of health, and health-related quality of life.

The Amplitude pro series is a new way of capturing and managing PROMs. It uses web-based software to enable the collection of PROMs, for a variety of treatment pathways, whether you are seen privately or on the NHS. All information is supplied by the patient and validated by their clinician, ensuring it is meaningful and representative and provides a rich picture of the patients’ individual healthcare experience.

What are the benefits of measuring outcomes?

A reliable system of measuring outcomes will have many benefits:

  • Greater public transparency and accountability.
  • Enable surgeons a better basis for judging and improving their practice.
  • Offer patients the basis to make informed choices about their care.
  • Evidence for service improvement and quality assurance of operations.
  • Better data for health service commissioners when making funding decisions.

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