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Clinical Outcomes

Using Amplitude to collect Clinical Outcomes

Clinical outcomes are broadly agreed and usually accredited, measurable changes in the health or quality of life, that result from the care provided during a treatment or intervention. A review of clinical outcomes establishes standards with clinical practice and offers a way to develop and enforce continual improvement, in all aspects of clinical practice.

What makes Amplitude unique is the vast amount of pre-loaded clinical data enabling users to easily add appropriate and accurate case mix adjustment and monitor the progress of your patients, picking up deviations from expected recovery and any post intervention complications.

Being web based, the system gives patients the freedom to complete scores on line, anywhere and on any device, whilst the clinicians’ dashboard gives clinicians the ability to quickly input treatment and patient specific data. All data is retained locally and available in near real-time for reporting and analysis.

Which platform is right for me?

A platform for;

1-5 clinicians | Units,Department or Hospitals | Research Projects | Post Market Surveillance | Registries

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