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Effective Virtual Clinics

Remotely assess and monitor patients, with easy and quick access to key clinical data.  The Amplitude Covid-19 risk questionnaire combined with condition specific clinical questionnaires, completed at home by the patient, allows clinicians to minimise the time required to effectively assess and prioritise patients.  Administration overheads are significantly reduced, whilst still ensuring patients receive the optimum treatment route for their condition and personal circumstances.

The intuitive web-based platform ensures continuity of care during the Covid-19 outbreak and beyond.  Amplitude uses structured and validated clinical questionnaires, with a long and established track record of supporting hospitals in monitoring and managing patients with both chronic and acute conditions, minimising hospital visits whilst still ensuring effective care.


Self Registration

The hospital sends a URL to the patient by normal communication means; letter, SMS, email. The patient then self-registers onto the system from home, entering their own details and completing relevant questionnaires. 




Clinical Assessments

Condition specific assessments completed by the patients at home allow the clinical team to monitor patients and easily identify when patients are at risk or deviating from expected outcomes.  Clinicians can quickly and easily decide how best to treat the patient such as phone call, video appointment, direct referral or give the patient an appointment in the safest setting.


Remote Covid-19 Screening

The Covid-19 Screening Questionnaire, completed by the patient at home, allows clinicians to remotely establish the Covid-19 risk status of the patient.  This, combined with the patient’s clinical assessments, enables easy and efficient prioritisation and the most appropriate and safest treatment plan.


Case Study

A case study to demonstrate the effectiveness of managing patients remotely without the need to bring them in to clinic, in a way that is not an admin overhead, so clinicians can optimise their time on clinical work whilst also ensuring patient safety.


How To Guide

In these unprecedented times, when staff are seconded, leaving skeleton teams to cancel and manage elective procedures and chronic disease clinics, look to technology to support your hospital and patient needs and maximise the service delivery with limited resources.

Managing Chronic Conditions Remotely

Blog: The value and advantages of managing chronic conditions with outcomes and ePROMs.


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