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First successful upload of electronic National PROMs data to NHS Digital, EVER!!!

Amplitude is delighted to announce that it has successfully completed the first ever electronic submission of National PROMs data, from an Amplitude pro enterprise™ Trust system to NHS Digital, in collaboration with MES, the Trust’s National PROMs provider.

National PROMs include outcome data for hip replacement, knee replacement, varicose veins and groin hernia surgery in England.

Until now, all National PROMs have been collected on paper, then collated and uploaded to NHS digital by on of the designated National PROMs providers.  The weakness of this is that hospitals cannot access or review their data for months and are unable to make decisions, learn or respond quickly to issues identified.

Amplitude enables Trusts to have real time access to PROMs data whilst still complying with mandatory obligations to submit the data to NHS Digital.  Data is captured electronically on PC’s, kiosks, laptops, iPads and smartphones.  Hospitals can now have immediate access to the data, allowing them to self-monitor and quickly take action to improve the quality of care they are providing.

The pro enterprise™ system captures complexity factors and co-morbidities; it uses clinical terminology, coding automatically in the background.  The result is data that is meaningful and accurate and is case mix adjusted from the outset.  The system is used by many hospitals to capture not only National PROMs, but all procedures and interventions, making the information more inclusive and useful to all contributing clinical teams.

As the only organisation able to offer this breakthrough service, Amplitude is at the forefront of outcomes data capture and reporting, supporting the NHS in its endeavours to improve the quality of services and reduce cost.

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