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Amplitude Clinical Outcomes

Engaging patients needs to be core business

In today’s switched on digital world, people want to be more involved in the decision-making when it comes to their health, and it is clear from the rise in the number of health and fitness apps on smartphones that people want to take control over their wellbeing.

The NHS has failed to engage with its patients because it has yet to find a way to implement changes in patient healthcare, despite allocating resources to gather patient feedback.  In addition, around two thirds of people are not able to access their electronic medical record, which in this current digital age is a huge setback because patients want more control and more access to their healthcare.

The Amplitude pro series fills this gap

The pro series gives patients the ability to record the progress of their healthcare and log their experience, all on a desktop or mobile device.

At defined intervals, patients will receive a questionnaire to complete, allowing their clinician to understand their recovery as well as giving patients the opportunity to raise any concerns. This flow of information between the clinician and patient allows for improved patient outcomes.

Mandatory clinical outcomes

Clinical outcomes are not only important for patient care but with mandatory clinical outcomes in 2017, there is more pressure than ever on clinicians to provide robust data about their patients and treatment.

Obtaining clinical data can be notoriously time consuming and data can be misleading without clinical context, leading to incorrect conclusions about clinicians and their practice.

The pro series software can be used in both the private and public sphere, meaning that clinicians from both sides of the industry can collect data to help with research and improvements.

By getting clinicians to engage with their patients, hospitals can seek to better manage their hospital services and ultimately, patients will get a consistently high standard level of care.

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