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Amplitude Clinical Outcomes

The Global Reach of the ICRS

Amplitude Clinical Outcomes has powered the International Cartilage Repair Society (ICRS) Registry, since being established in 2016.  At Amplitude, we work closely with our customers because we want to help them to grow and achieve their objectives.  In June, we were thrilled to support the ICRS by attending its 20th Anniversary Heritage Summit in Sweden, where we witnessed an amazing global inclusion of the Society.  It was a privilege to observe a collective group of travelling fellows from across the globe, coming together to share experience, research and results to recommend best practice for education and development of the Cartilage Repair Specialists of the future.

Registries, like the ICRS, have tremendous outreach capabilities.  For Amplitude, being part of the process, at first hand and working with the registry leaders is invaluable.  We combine intelligent software applications with our expert clinical understanding to deliver continuously refined and improved systems.  As a result, international language options are increasing for patient portals, to make access and compliance simple.   Current language options include:





Brazilian Portuguese


Amplitude and its team are enormously proud to be a part of this highly esteemed and extensive Registry and consequently looking forward to seeing the impact that the data produced will have on healthcare globally.

To learn more about Amplitude and its pro registry™ software, available worldwide for any specialty, then please contact or call 0333 014 6363.

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