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Amplitude Clinical Outcomes

Hospital Outcomes with Amplitude Pro Enterprise

Hospitals are continually seeking to improve the level of care they provide to patients. In an effort to monitor those services your hospital provides, a system of measurements needs to be in place. Amplitude Pro Enterprise has all the features you need to successfully record meaningful outcomes that can be easily validated.

The Importance of Clinical Outcomes

Today’s hospitals are constantly being scrutinised for transparency in the quality of care being provided. Unfortunately, this can be a difficult endeavour when funds are limited and you are forced to operate on limited resources. Everything you do is driven by outcomes and patient choice, which places undue pressure not only on your hospital but also on your clinicians to meet or exceed standards set by national and neighbouring providers.

Your commitment to providing the highest levels of patient care needs to ensure that your performance is measured accurately and that the results are published for total transparency. It is not only critical to monitor your hospital’s performance but to better understand your patients’ clinical outcomes, especially those cases that are more complex.

Amplitude’s Pro Enterprise platform is simple yet tailored software that has two main elements which work together to help your institution attain a method of monitoring patients that is more personal. It is user-friendly and offers patients the liberty of answering questionnaires for SCORES from almost any location with access to the internet. They can complete the questionnaire from the comfort of their home, at the hospital or from any mobile device.

There a user-friendly dashboard to be used by clinicians in order to input data on the complexity of the patient’s condition and also on any procedures being performed. The end results offer data that is accurate, representative and meaningful in terms of the state of the patient’s health and the prognosis for recovery.

Clinicians at your hospital document clinical outcomes so that you get insights needed to manage hospital services more effectively and as a result, patients receive a much higher level of care. Amplitude’s Pro Enterprise gives a well-rounded picture of your performance and is really the first-ever platform to do so. SCORES are selected by the software automatically based on predefined relevance and the entire process is simple and cost effective.

Once collected by Pro Enterprise, the data allows for monitoring the delivery of your service so that any issues in quality can be identified. This will demonstrate that your hospital operates transparently within the community and can reassure consumers that you are offering the best possible care.

The Importance of Validating PROMs

One of the most amazing benefits of Amplitude’s Pro Enterprise is that it is able to be utilised by all specialities and can even be tailored to any particular needs you or your clinicians may have. Not only is it fast but easy to use and almost totally automated. SCORES can be sent at intervals that are pre-defined which seeks interaction with patients electronically. As well, automatic reminders are sent to patients so that their responses are collected through the course of clinical treatments.

It is also possible to add information periodically so that data being collected is more relevant and Pro Enterprise is compatible with a number of hospital computer systems and so easily interface with your system. This helps to gather information on demographics and avoid duplicating data collected by your hospital system.

Pro Enterprise is in strict compliance with guidelines devised by the NHS Information Governance and policies on Data Protection. It has been heavily tested for penetration and Amplitude can host your hospital’s system on a highly secure server. Alternately, you can also choose whether or not to internally host the system.

Further services offered by Amplitude are focused on increasing patient communications and engagement. Pro Enterprise can help you assure patients and the community at large that you have all the tools and skills necessary to comply with regulations and provide hospital outcomes that are positive.

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