PHIN is publishing Outcomes Data, is yours accurate?

Are you a Consultant working in the private sector?  You may be aware that PHIN is now publishing data about you, submitted by your hospital, detailing outcomes relating to your procedures.

If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to check the accuracy of the information held and take the required steps set out by your hospital, to rectify any inaccuracies.  If you do not, the data will be published and you will have limited recourse if the data is not a true reflection of your practice.

These returns are mandatory since the investigation completed by the CMA in 2014 into private healthcare, where they established that patients require more information about the clinical practices of hospitals and clinicians they are choosing between.

As a result, PHIN received a legal mandate in 2015 to collect and publish information on 11 performance measures at both hospital and consultant level.  These are;

  • volumes of procedures undertaken
  • average lengths of stay for each procedure
  • infection rates (with separate figures for surgical-acquired and facility-acquired infection rates)
  • readmission rates
  • revision surgery rates
  • mortality rates
  • unplanned patient transfers (from either the private healthcare facility or NHS Private Patient Unit (PPU) to an NHS facility)
  • a measure, as agreed by the IO and its members, of patient feedback and/or satisfaction
  • relevant information, as agreed by the IO and its members and, where available, from the clinical registries and audits
  • procedure-specific measures of patient reported health outcome, as agreed by the IO and its members to be appropriate
  • frequency of adverse events, as agreed by the IO and its members to be appropriate

As time goes on, more fields will be added including specific outcomes scores.

If you are looking for a long-term solution to ensure that data being collected on your patients and clinical practice is accurate and you’d like to simplify the process of clinical outcomes, patient reported outcomes and patient experience data collection, then please contact us.

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  • Easily collect, track & report on clinical and patient outcomes along with patient experience
  • Include case mix adjustment to ensure outcomes are within context
  • Generate automated and accurate coding (on which much PHIN data is based)
  • Generate digital operation notes
  • Provide you with a re-validation report and consultant log-book in just a few seconds

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