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Private Hospital Performance Statistics First Data Released

The Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) has recently published its first hospital performance measures report.  The report consists of a regulator rating, a patient satisfaction score, patient numbers and the percentage of day cases, for each hospital.

Being a provider of electronic PROMs and clinical outcomes solutions we are highly supportive of any initiative that aims to improve the quality of data being used to monitor patient outcomes.  We know that data needs to provide an accurate reflection of a patients progress and put them into the correct clinical context so that the data is meaningful and useful.  In addition, data needs to be available in a timely manner.  This combination means that data can be used to good effective in guiding improvements in service.

We are excited by the opportunity of working with more and more hospitals to support the objectives of PHIN and help hospitals to effectively monitor the quality of care and service being delivered by them and their clinicians.

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