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Amplitude Clinical Outcomes

Amplitude Clinical Outcomes working together with the Royal Berkshire Foundation Trust to develop its PROMs Programme; MyCORE



The momentum towards digital healthcare is gathering pace, nationally and internationally.  And, the focus on understanding patient outcomes, to improve quality of care, is at the heart of every healthcare provider.  Trusts and hospitals in the UK are committed to collecting Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) but have struggled to achieve satisfactory compliance levels because of the use of paper based systems.  Organisations are being encouraged to turn away from paper to cut costs, but, there has been a reluctance because most healthcare software systems are modular and do not inter-operate which means unnecessary duplication and the risk of error.

The Amplitude Clinical Outcomes software is the first of its kind; and the RBFT is the first hospital, in the United Kingdom, to submit National Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) electronically.

It is a semi-automated service that can submit electronic National PROMs, and, using Amplitude’s unique data exchange functionality, it will automatically push registry relevant data to the orthopaedic registries.

The Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust (RBFT) is one of the largest general hospital Foundation Trusts in the country.  It provides acute medical and surgical services to Reading, Wokingham and West Berkshire and recently received funding for the implementation of an electronic PROMs system, branded “MyCore” which encompasses patient Care, Outcome, Recovery and Experience and it engages and motivates patients to take part.

Amplitude Clinical Outcomes was commissioned to provide a solution, to be implemented throughout the Trauma & Orthopaedic (T&O) departments, inclusive of all standard Amplitude T&O pathways.  RBFT has a clear strategy directed at understanding performance, learning from mistakes and making decisions that will result in effective, efficient practices that continuously improve quality of care.  It is committed to delivering the best possible outcomes for patients; whilst living within its means.  It embraces innovation and has the courage to exploit technology.  Paper reduction is part of its cost and efficiency strategy.

RBFT asks all patients, undergoing surgery, to participate.  The Amplitude software enables a mixture of questionnaires to be layered into the system to provide a whole picture view of an individual’s progress and recovery.  It captures a patient’s quality of life pre and post intervention, then combines it with validated clinical diagnosis and outcome and includes patient experience information on how they felt during their treatment.  This gives a true and meaningful view that the Trust can use to monitor recovery and measure the quality of clinical care delivered.

Project Brief

The purpose of the project was to enable Consultant Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgeons to collect, analyse and report on their own data; as well as giving the Trust the ability to report on the T&O departments as a whole and comparing the data to industry standards.

Tom Ward, Amplitude, was responsible for managing the project.  He said “It was a pleasure to work with RBFT. The MyCORE team were totally committed to driving the initiative for electronic PROMs forward.  They were clear about their objectives and we worked together to achieve them.  We, at Amplitude are thrilled to be the first outcomes provider to submit National PROMs electronically for a truly 21st Century Trust.”

The objectives of the project were simple:

  • To successfully deliver a fit for purpose electronic PROMs system using Amplitude’s pro enterprise™ software
  • Agree efficient and effective processes to automatically collect electronic PROMs
  • For RBFT to successfully report and interrogate the data
  • To send National PROMs electronically to NHS Digital

The project was pioneered by a group of clinicians and support staff led by Mr Sean O’Leary, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.   As a National Ligament Registry user and a member of the registry Steering Group, Mr O’Leary was already familiar with the Amplitude system and believed that it would meet the requirements of MyCORE at the Trust.  Amplitude produced, for the RBFT, a bespoke version of its pro enterprise™ system, specific to whole Trust, Hospitals and Departments.

Mr O’Leary is delighted that the new system is up and running and said “As a surgeon, the most important thing for me is the outcome of my patients’ treatment.  Getting feedback on how they progress after surgery is key to that, but obtaining the feedback has been difficult.  National PROMs data collection and reporting has until now been an arduous task and the information it reveals is usually long out of date.  We can now see how we are performing immediately and make adjustments and improvements quickly.”

In April of 2017, the first submission of electronic National PROMs took place at RBFT.  This put Amplitude and the RBFT at the forefront of outcomes collection in digital healthcare.

Following the launch of the new system in April 2017, staff at the Trust are engaged and also use the Data Exchange functionality, unique to Amplitude, to send relevant registry data to Orthopaedic registries powered by Amplitude.

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