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The UKKOR registry has launched

Amplitude were thrilled to attend the launch of the first registry in the world dedicated to recording patient outcomes from knee osteotomy.  The UK Knee Osteotomy Registry (UKKOR) has been established by faculty members from the Basingstoke Knee Osteotomy Masterclass and designed and built by Amplitude using the pro registry™ software platform.

David Elson, Chairman of the UKKOR steering group, gave an inspiring talk to contextualise the significance of outcomes for the specialty, which was well received by knee surgeons who are excited about the concept of collecting robust data to drive quality improvement through patient outcomes.

UKKOR’s specific goals at the outset are to define patient selection criteria with greater clarity, to identify the devices and surgical techniques which give the best results and to use stratified outcome data to influence the choice of intended alignment correction.

The National Ligament Registry (NLR) use the same data platform as UKKOR, which will streamline processes between the NLR and UKKOR, with the intention of capturing complete data in cases where ACL reconstruction is performed with simultaneous osteotomy.

Amplitude would like to congratulate UKKOR on an informative and well-executed registry launch.  We look forward to watching the UKKOR registry grow over the next few months – welcome to the Amplitude outcomes family!

Want to be a part of the UKKOR registry?  Visit or contact to discuss next steps and get your login details.

Questions about getting the registry approved in your Trust?  Contact for advice.

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