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Amplitude Clinical Outcomes

The Value of Web-based Software

Amplitude Clinical Outcomes is a web-based PROMs and clinical outcomes software provider, but why go web-based?

There are many reasons to go web-based starting with cost savings, increased security of data, and improved system access for patients and clinicians to name just three.

With the ongoing funding crisis within the NHS, cost containment is of course a high priority, but this is often having to be balanced against the quality of care provided to patients.  Until now, PROMs have been collected almost exclusively on paper forms, costing the NHS hundreds of thousands of pounds in printing and postage costs each year.  Additionally the data is out of date by the time the hospital gets back the results and so proves hard to make timely decisions based on that data.  A web-based PROMs system provides a cost-effective means of collecting data in volumes never previously dreamed of and compared to the cost of paper, the unit cost of a web-based system is extremely low.  Additionally, the data is available immediately after it is entered, which means the service and quality of patient care can be monitored on an almost real time basis.

Data security is another major reason, with the the protection of personal identifiable data of utmost concern.  Not all electronic systems offer the same levels of security and this is an important consideration when selecting a provider.   Data needs to be stored securely, encrypted when being transmitted and not be held, even temporarily, in devices.  Data centres must have the highest levels of protection, including being ISO27001 certified and data must be regularly backed up, with full audit trails available at any time.  When working within the NHS, N3 datacentres should also be used where possible and appropriate.

Another significant reason to go web-based, is the increased accessibility of the system by patients and clinicians alike as well as increased speed and quality of technical support.  Web-based systems mean data can be entered from any location where there is internet.  It can be entered on a variety of devices from fixed computers to laptops, iPads and Smartphones.  Changes to the dataset or forms, updates and upgrades are quick and easy to apply as this is done once and centrally.  This all helps in providing a simple to access solution that is secure and robust, and again increasing volumes of data captured.

Amplitude’s customer base spreads across the globe, with users in the UK, USA, South Africa and Australia.  Our web-based system allows us to reach a wide customer and patient base, securely and easily; all important features of a good quality outcomes system

To learn more about Amplitude and its web-based PROMs software, please contact us on 0333 014 6363 or email  You can also visit the website to sign up for a free trial of our pro one™ system, available for individual Clinicians.

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