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Amplitude pro enterprise solution - Amplitude Clinical Outcomes

Virtual Clinics & Follow Up

Using Amplitude to Power Virtual Clinics and Follow Up?

Virtual Clinics give you the opportunity to triage and assess the needs of patients, without allocating the resources associated with an out-patients appointment in clinic.  The Amplitude system can be used by a group of clinicians to asses the clinical needs and urgency of these needs and then create a treatment plan.

The Amplitude system can also be used by clinicians to continue to ‘virtually’ monitor their patient’s recovery for extended periods of time.¬† Alerts can be set to notify clinical teams if the results are deviating from expected recovery paths.

Virtual clinics and follow ups give important feedback about a patient’s healthcare and allows doctors to continue to monitor their health after being officially discharged from clinical care.

Which platform is right for me?

A platform for;

1-5 clinicians | Units,Department or Hospitals | Research Projects | Post Market Surveillance | Registries