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pro enterprise™

The pro enterprise™ software is a simple, tailored online platform centred around two crucial elements, helping you to achieve a more personalised way of patient monitoring:

A user-friendly electronic patient portal which gives patients the freedom of completing their scores online at home, on site and via various hardware

A consultant dashboard that gives your clinicians the ability to input patient specific complexity factors and procedure data quickly and easily

The result is representative, accurate and meaningful data that paints a clearer picture of each patient’s level of health and expected recovery. Your clinicians are engaged with clinical outcomes processes at your hospital, you get the insight you need to better manage your hospital services and patients get a consistently high standard level of care.

pro enterprise™ is the first product to give an accurate, ‘whole picture’ view of your hospital’s performance. It is simple, cost effective and delivers precise and accurate data, selecting scores that are identified as important to you.

The data you collect in pro enterprise™ will allow you to monitor your service delivery, identify quality issues and demonstrate levels of care. Your hospital can be confidently transparent about it’s activities, resulting in reassurance to your community that you are offering the best care possible.

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