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Which browser should I use?

We support the current and the previous release of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft browsers (Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Internet Explorer 11). Each time a new browser version is released, we begin supporting that version and stop supporting the third most recent version from that vendor.  There will be times when users may be using an older version on a device using IOS or Android platforms and have an issue arise.  In these instances we will look at these on a case by case basis and if possible with reasonable effort be able to apply a fix then we will do so.  If this is not feasible then the user will have to accept a newer version will be required to continue running the application.

How is the date and time displayed in Amplitude?

Where time is shown on the Amplitude system this is using a 24 hour clock format e.g. 22:00.

Dates are displayed as DDMonYY however the system will understand other formats such as DD/MM/YY and convert these to the default display.

How do I pay for my pro one™ account?

pro one™ is chargeable on a monthly basis via direct debit. You will be contacted via your Amplitude account manager and asked to fill in your direct debit form.

Why have no future forms been triggered?

The most common reason there are no future forms triggering is because no form has been completed to set the triggers. In most situations a procedure form needs to be completed before any future forms will appear. When a form is completed, it will turn from red to black.

If this is not the case, it might be your account has future tasks set to hidden, see How to Hide/View Future Tasks.

Why can't my patient login to the patient portal?

There are a number of a reasons a patient may not be able to login:

  1. Duplicate patient records.
  2. Incorrect demographic data.
  3. Screen lock is enables on patients mobile device.
  4. Patient misunderstanding instructions.
  5. Patient using an old device which Amplitude does not support.
  6. Poor or unstable internet connection.
  7. Additional patient details are required to distinguish between patients.
  8. Patient has forgotten or incorrectly entered their security question.

For more detail please see Why Can’t my Patient Access the Portal?

What do the different coloured forms mean?

Red – Incomplete Tasks

Black – Complete Forms

Grey – Future Tasks

How can I set up a demographics feed with my private practice system?

To set up a feed with your Private Practice Management System (PPMS) supplier you will need to contact them directly.

Currently we support interfaces with:

  • Bluespier
  • PPM
  • DGL
  • Others are under development

Your supplier will be able to tell you how to enable this within your PPMS.

Once setup, whenever you create activity (appointments or treatments) for a patient, an Amplitude window will automatically popup in your browser with the patient’s details already pre-loaded.

How are future outcome scores collected?

The system will automatically trigger the collection of the specified outcome scores at pre-defined time periods in the post-operative period. These scores will be sent at designated time points according to the requirements of each questionnaire. Some scores will only be triggered if a procedure form is present. You can customise this by changing your task sets, see User Customisable Task Sets.

The patient will receive an email request to log on (via a link) to complete their scores on either tablet, mobile or PC at home. Alternatively, the patient can fill it out when attending the clinic, see Collecting PROMs in Clinic. If a patient does not respond to a score, the system will send reminder emails for each patient three times. Please note, the patient must have an email address in their patient details and consent to contact to receive the email links.

Can I request an additional outcome score?

Users can enquire about additional outcome scores. To make a request please contact Amplitude Customer Support.

Additional scores are subject to licensing and a one off fee.

How can I change my password and security question?

If you are already logged into your Amplitude account and wish to change your password and/or security question first click the Settings cog. Click the ‘Security’ tile on the left-hand side. Here you can change your password and security question, make sure to click save when you have made the changes.

If you have had three or more failed login attempts then your account will be locked, in this scenario please contact Amplitude Customer Support who can unlock this for you.

If you believe you have forgotten your password and your account is not locked you can click ‘Forgot your password?‘ on the login screen to send a reset link to your email.