Yeovil District Hospital: National PROMs


The following case study relates to the implementation of Amplitude in Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to manage the submission of National PROMs for the orthopaedic department.


PROMs measure a patient’s health status or health-related quality of life at a single point in time and are collected through short, self-completed questionnaires. This health status information is collected before and after a procedure and provides an indication of the outcomes or quality of care delivered to NHS pa­tients and has been collected by all providers of NHS-funded care since April 2009.

National PROMs are mandated for total hip and knee replacements, both primary and revision proce­dures.

Yeovil District Hospital NHS FT started using Amplitude pro enterprise™ in 2018, to electronically capture and manage clinical outcomes and PROMs for all orthopaedic procedures as part of an internal initiative to inform medical practice across their trust.

When the programme moved into its second year, Amplitude was accredited by NHS Digital for the upload of National PROMs data and subsequently developed the coding to identify the required clinical scores and automatically upload the required submissions to NHS Digital.

The Approach

Yeovil District Hospital NHS FT has an established process for the digital collection of all clinical out­ comes and PROMs collected in the orthopaedic department.

  • Patient demographics, including email addresses, are added to the hospital PAS system.
  • Amplitude interface automatically creates a patient record in Amplitude and populates demographic data and assigns the patient to an orthopaedic pathway.
  • The patient is automatically sent baseline scores, and iPads are available in clinic to capture patients without an email address.
  • The procedure takes place and the surgeon enters the procedure date, which automatically triggers post-op scores to be sent to the patient at specific intervals, depending on the pathway.
  • Amplitude electronically uploads the required outcome data to NHS England’s database, ensuring no duplication of entry whilst ensuring clinical compliance.

The Result

A paperless system to collect National PROMs that is easy to use for both the clinicians and the patients, that continues to increase patient engagement and compliance, whilst giving the Trust the ability to have visibility of the patient’s scores in near real-time. Additionally, it is simple to monitor compliance in real-time to ensure the Trust is easily able to exceed compliance and submission targets.

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