Supporting organisations in the UK and globally, in both private and public sectors

Amplitude is the leading supplier of electronic patient-reported outcome measures (ePROMs) to both the NHS and private healthcare sector in the UK and South Africa. Our system is also used by many registries in the UK and internationally.

What makes Amplitude Clinical Outcomes different

Whilst anyone can collect PROMs data, the key to this data being useful and meaningful is to ensure it is viewed within the correct clinical context. This is what we do.

We provide you with a flexible and adaptable platform that is simple to use for clinicians and patients. We integrate with existing systems to automate workflows and reduce admin.

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Configured to your needs - who we work with

There are various platforms available for use by individual clinicians, units, departments, hospitals, registries, and clinical societies.

Each PROMs platform is configurable to the needs of the users. For the first time ever, Amplitude is enabling outcomes to be part of routine care.

Valuable data or a “tick box” exercise?

Any data that needs to be shared with other parties such as registries or NHS England, does not need to be re-entered but is sent electronically to those stakeholders.

Our aim is to provide you with a valuable tool that supports front-line clinical staff with individual patient care as well as providing data to evidence best practice and identify areas for service improvements.

What our customers say

Royal Berkshire Hospital has been using Amplitude to submit National PROMs data for several years. After the success of the National PROMs digital transformation, it is an obvious and easy progression for the trust to extend the service to include NJR data.

Amplitude pro enterprise™
Clinical Outcomes and PROMs for your unit, department or hospital
For Units, Departments & Hospitals
  • Outcomes captured as part of routine clinical practice
  • Use meaningful data to optimise clinical care
  • Increase registry compliance without additional admin
Amplitude pro registry™
Clinical and outcome data for specific diseases, diagnoses, interventions and care pathways
For Clinical Societies & Specialist Research
  • Highly configurable and quick to set-up
  • Compliance enhanced by feeds from pro enterprise™
  • Reports easy to create and access
Amplitude pro one™
View all your patients’ outcomes regardless of location or funding
For individual clinicians
  • Whole practice data
  • Simple to use
  • 1 Month’s Free Trial
Amplitude ReferBack™
ReferBack™ - Specialist Spinal Referral Solution
For Spinal Hubs and referring hospitals
  • Quick response to referrals
  • Fully auditable communications
  • Integrates with BSR

Not sure which platform is right for you?

Frequently asked questions

If you are looking to collect outcomes and PROMs for your own private practice or for just your patients in your clinic, then pro one™ is the right choice for you.

If you are 1 of a small group of clinicians (3-4) who want to collect outcomes but be able to aggregate the anonymised data for analysis and service improvement, then the mini enterprise is the best choice. 

If you are looking for a platform to collect clinical outcomes and PROMs for an entire team, department or hospital, the pro enterprise™ is the platform to use.

If you have a research project, clinical registry or clinical audit then pro registry™ will help you to achieve your research goals.

Post-Market Surveillance can benefit from different approaches and depends entirely on project objectives and budget, an initial discussion with the team will help to identify the best option for you.

No – the core platform is the same for everyone.

This means that platform development is centralised, and regular upgrades and updates can be made. Although the platform is an off the shelf software when purchased, it is then personalised and configured to your organisation’s preferences and processes. The user experience can be customised down to the individual level.

As the platform is processing patient data (with consent) it is strongly advised that IG approval of Amplitude is gained. Our team will work with your IG manager to ensure that all questions are answered and approval to use is gained. The earlier you bring stakeholder teams such as IG and IT into the implementation conversation, the better.

For pro registry™ users, we have specific data packs relating to your registry that you can send to IG in order to start submitting your data to the necessary registry.

It depends on the platform you require.

For our pro one™ platform, you can try before you buy with a 1-month free trial.

However, due to the complexities involved in setting up the pro enterprise™ or the pro registry™ platforms, it is not possible to have a free trial for these. Instead we can set up multiple demo meetings so that all stakeholders get to experience the platform.

Collecting outcomes and using the data accordingly is already a part of a normal clinical routine. This means it isn’t administratively burdensome and it provides value to clinicians from the outset as data can be used immediately to help assess patients and guide decision making.

The Amplitude platform uses clinical phraseology and terminology that is meaningful to clinicians and allows clinicians to put patients into the correct clinical context.

Yes, this is possible. Please speak to the account management team for further details.

Yes, this is possible. If you have long-term objectives of introducing Amplitude to your wider organisation, contact our team to explore suitable setup options that could allow you to involve your colleagues in due course.