Amplitude Clinical Outcomes is an accredited supplier of National PROMs to the NHS

Amplitude provides a simple and highly effective platform for recording PROMs data. It allows hospitals to easily monitor compliance rates and take proactive action to ensure the Best Practice Tariff uplift threshold is achieved, so securing additional revenue for the hospital and thereby ensuring a quick return on investment.


Using Amplitude to capture National PROMs has many benefits which include:


  • High patient compliance rates.
  • Quick return on investment.
  • Data is available in near real-time for local analysis, reporting and to identify areas of service improvement.
  • Data can be used to support remote patient monitoring, waiting list management and virtual clinics.
  • Notifying clinicians when a patient is not recovering as expected so you can take quick action if necessary to prevent further decline.
  • Option to capture National Joint Registry (NJR) data and link this to PROMs, giving you further graduality of insight into the quality of care being delivered by your organisation.
  • Fixed fee, regardless of patient numbers.
  • Option to interface with the hospital’s EPR to automate the whole process.


Amplitude is Cyber Essentials Plus certified and has achieved ‘Standards Exceeded’ in our most recent NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit submission, providing our customers with the assurance that we actively practice good data security and that personal information is handled correctly.

What our customers say

Since the introduction of Amplitude at Yeovil for capturing our National PROMs, we have seen a marked increase in patient compliance rates for both Q1 and Q2. Our PROMs admin staff are now more effectively utilised, focussing on compliance rather than filling out and sending off paper forms. The overall result is better quality data, that we can use for service improvement decisions that costs the Trust less overall.

How Amplitude can help you

Reducing Admin by Automating Processes.  

We interface with your PAS/EPR system to reduce the administration of onboarding patients. This process also helps improve patient consent rates, a requirement for reaching the threshold rates.  Alternatively, you can use our Patient Self Registration functionality.


Optimising Workflows to maximise compliance.  

We work with you to optimise workflows so there are as many patient touch points as possible to enable patients to effortlessly complete their PROMs at multiple points along the care pathway.


Monitoring your performance to put you in control. 

We provide you with real-time monitoring of patient and clinician compliance so you can proactively take control to address shortfalls in compliance before it is too late. Amplitude provides dashboards, visualisations, and analytics tools to help you identify trends, patterns, and areas that offer opportunities for enhancing performance.


Easy reporting on all your data to give you invaluable insights into the quality of care. 

In addition to our real-time compliance rate reporting, we offer a simple-to-use reporting tool that allows you to conduct audits to monitor quality metrics beyond those specified in the BPT guidelines. This data can help monitor evidence-based practices and quality improvement initiatives that enhance patient outcomes.

Experience the power of Amplitude in elevating your patient care and outcomes.