Easy and fast set-up
Simple to use

This off the shelf solution allows individual clinicians to capture and report on outcome data, whether for all patients or for specific diseases, diagnoses, interventions or care pathways.

Gain a full clinical picture of your patient’s health

The system allows you to add accurate case mix adjustment and monitor the progress of your patients, picking up deviations from expected recovery and any post intervention complications, so these can be quickly dealt with as necessary.

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Patients are sent regular reminders to complete any outstanding questionnaires. The exact number, frequency and content of the reminders is all configurable to meet the needs of your practice.

Every clinician works in their own way. Amplitude can be configured to match your workflows by collecting the data you want at the time you want it. This applies to both data entered by patients and the data you want to collect that will ensure the final reports truly reflect your practice.

Test how Amplitude pro one™ could easily fit into your clinical practice

Take advantage of a 1 month free trial with the pro one™ platform to experience that fast set-up, the simple to use clinical and patient platforms and the customer support available to support effective use.

Frequently asked questions

If you are looking to collect outcomes and PROMs for your own private practice or for just your patients in your clinic, then pro one™ is the right choice for you.

If you are 1 of a small group of clinicians (3-4) who want to collect outcomes but be able to aggregate the anonymised data for analysis and service improvement, then the mini enterprise is the best choice. 

If you are looking for a platform to collect clinical outcomes and PROMs for an entire team, department or hospital, the pro enterprise™ is the platform to use.

If you have a research project, clinical registry or clinical audit then pro registry™ will help you to achieve your research goals.

Post-Market Surveillance can benefit from different approaches and depends entirely on project objectives and budget, an initial discussion with the team will help to identify the best option for you.

It depends on the platform you require.

For our pro one™ platform, you can try before you buy with a 1-month free trial.

However, due to the complexities involved in setting up the pro enterprise™ or the pro registry™ platforms, it is not possible to have a free trial for these. Instead we can set up multiple demo meetings so that all stakeholders get to experience the platform.

Yes, this is possible. If you have long-term objectives of introducing Amplitude to your wider organisation, contact our team to explore suitable setup options that could allow you to involve your colleagues in due course.

Yes, this is possible. Please speak to the account management team for further details.


We are more than happy to demo the platform and there is no obligation or pushy sales chatter. One of our core values is Partnership, we work with our customers in partnership to ensure Amplitude makes a difference to your organisation. The demo meeting is an opportunity for both yourselves and Amplitude to assess if we are the right solution for you.

As the platform is processing patient data (with consent) it is strongly advised that IG approval of Amplitude is gained. Our team will work with your IG manager to ensure that all questions are answered and approval to use is gained. The earlier you bring stakeholder teams such as IG and IT into the implementation conversation, the better.

For pro registry™ users, we have specific data packs relating to your registry that you can send to IG in order to start submitting your data to the necessary registry.

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