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January 16, 2023
How the successes of 2022 have shaped the ambitions of 2023 for Amplitude and its customers
2022 was a great success for many of our customers. Our goal for 2023 is to build on those successes to ensure our customers get even greater value and benefit from their systems
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January 10, 2023
The Amplitude Masterclass for PROMs Coordinators launches today
The Amplitude Masterclass brings together Amplitude front-line users to provide them with a platform where they can share their experience on how to achieve best practice and seek advice from other people who have gone through similar situations.  
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November 28, 2022
NICE guidelines for 1st MTPJ Arthroplasty now state patients must be added to the BOFAS Registry
NICE has published new guidelines which state that any Consultants performing 1st MTPJ Arthroplasty procedures must add their patients to the BOFAS Registry, to ensure clinical scores are collected and to facilitate the local review of clinical outcomes.
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November 21, 2022
Accredited by PHIN for real-time patient level outcomes tracking
With Amplitude, you can collect, monitor and analyse PHIN PROMs and Patient Satisfaction data in one place. No other system offers this level of inclusivity.
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November 7, 2022
The British Spine Registry Annual Report 2021 has been published
The primary aim of the registry is to improve patient care and the understanding of spinal surgery based on research and analysis of the data collected.
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October 10, 2022
Amplitude undergoes annual Web Application Penetration Testing
Amplitude underwent its annual web application penetration testing on the 25th of August 2022.
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October 3, 2022
Single instance platform – National PROMs and NJR
Amplitude Clinical Outcomes offers a single instance platform for both National PROMs and NJR