Amplitude supported registries

Amplitude works in partnership with over 12 registries, both nationally and internationally, across a range of specialties both in human and animal healthcare


For those clinicians using the pro one and pro enterprise platforms, data can be electronically uploaded to the relevant registries thereby extending the reach of data submission into everyday practice. 

National Registries

Amplitude is your one stop platform for all PROMs data entry and reporting whether to PHIN, National PROMs, NJR, BSR, BOFAS, UKKOR, BSSH, ICRS, NAHR, NLR and others.

International Registries
Amplitude Clinical Outcomes is the leading supplier of ePROMs in South Africa

Since 2014, Amplitude has been working to streamline the patient and clinical data collection processes at one of the largest private hospital groups in South Africa and helped launch the first combined Orthopaedic Clinical Registry in South Africa, the South African Orthopaedic Registry (SAOR).

Animal Registries
Canine Cruciate Registry by RCVS Knowledge

The Canine Cruciate Registry is the world’s first automated digital registry in veterinary medicine and is fundamental in understanding and improving veterinary medical treatments nationwide.

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