RCVS Knowledge – Canine Cruciate Registry

The RCVS Knowledge Canine Cruciate Registry launched in August 2021. 

Fast forward two years, and not only does the registry hold the title of the world’s first automated digital registry in veterinary medicine, but their data has already been used to successfully estimate minimal clinically-important differences (MCIDs) for Liverpool Osteoarthritis in Dogs (LOAD) and Canine Orthopaedic Index (COI). 

The Canine Cruciate Registry is fundamental in understanding and improving veterinary medical treatments nationwide, and the Amplitude team are proud to be able to support RCVS Knowledge and this pioneering registry. 

Want to see the registry in action? Discover how Albert the dog, and other dogs just like him, are benefitting from our groundbreaking Canine Cruciate Registry. 

Canine Cruciate Registry – Bridging the knowledge gap in canine cruciate surgery

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