Meet Joideep Phadnis, Consultant Elbow and Shoulder Surgeon

How long have you worked as a Consultant Elbow and Shoulder surgeon? 

I have been working as a Consultant Elbow and Shoulder surgeon for 7 years, and have practiced at the following hospitals: 

What would you say is your biggest achievement in your career to date? 

Establishing a tertiary referral shoulder and elbow practice with good patient outcomes and feedback.

What made you decide to start collecting electronic outcome data? 

I wanted to collect electronic outcome data to help myself and my patients understand their outcomes, relative to other patients, and to facilitate future research projects. 

Why did you choose Amplitude as your service provider? 

I have investigated several systems and found Amplitude to be the most robust and well put-together platform.

What are the 3 greatest benefits you have gained from using Amplitude? 

  • I can gauge and monitor my patient outcomes and progress, and compare and relate this data to similar activities across my larger patient cohort.
  • As a surgeon, I get to understand patient’s baseline symptoms objectively. 
  • I can access my data for research and audit purposes and perform outcome data analysis.

What is your favourite feature or function of Amplitude? 

The automated collection of long-term post-op scores. 

Do you have any specific objectives that you want to achieve by using Amplitude? 

I want to achieve long-term, consistent patient outcome data collection. 

How has your overall experience been with Amplitude? 

Good. Using Amplitude has become a part of my standard working practice.

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