Meet the NeuroSpine Institute, Western Australia

Why did your team decide to start collecting electronic outcome data? 

“Monitoring patient outcomes following spine surgery is considered standard practice and allows the outcomes to be compared and benchmarked to identify variation in outcomes. An electronic platform makes it simpler to collect, store, process and analyse these outcomes and facilitates the automation of this process.” 

Why did you choose Amplitude as your service provider? 

“Amplitude provides a tried and tested platform that has demonstrated the capability to collect, store, manage, process and secure data collected in relation to spine surgeries. Utilising Amplitude allows us to assess outcomes against the well-established British Spine Registry, facilitating benchmarking to international providers.  

Furthermore, Amplitude has been custom made/tailored for collecting clinical data and outcomes, incorporates validated and licenced patient reported outcome measures and supports automated and secure data collection, storage, management, and processing.” 

What are the 3 greatest benefits you have gained from using Amplitude? 

  1. “Using Amplitude allows us to maximise/offer the best care to patients by assessing the outcomes collected, stored, and processed by Amplitude to identify and implement improvements in patient care. 
  2. Using Amplitude allows us to improve patient care efficiently on a large scale that could not be achieved without an electronic, automated system.  
  3. Collecting, storing, and processing outcomes in Amplitude allows us to develop research questions and hypotheses, and therefore informs quality improvement projects and research projects. The results of these projects are shared throughout the spine care community nationally and internationally and inform future guidelines and practices.” 

What is your favourite, most-liked feature or function of Amplitude? 

“Our favourite feature of Amplitude is the automation of Amplitude via the online secure platform. This allows outcomes to be collected, stored, processed, and investigated via an easy to use, secure platform that can be safely accessed by patients and practitioners on a laptop/computer, phone or tablet device with a web browser and internet access.” 

Do you have any specific objectives that you want to achieve by using Amplitude? 

“The primary aim of our registry is to optimise outcomes for patients undergoing surgical treatment for spine-related disorders by systematically and comprehensively monitoring the quality of spine care. Using Amplitude will allow us to achieve this aim.” 

Do you have any future ambitions in relation to collecting outcomes? 

“Our future ambitions in relation to collecting outcomes involve exploring the use of other outcomes to answer research questions.” 

How has your overall experience been with Amplitude? 

“Amplitude is wonderful to work with. The staff at Amplitude are always very responsive, timely, accommodating, and helpful with any questions, issues, or special requests. The responses and solutions are always incredibly detailed and useful.” 


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