Amplifying Clinical Excellence: Voices of Healthcare Professionals

Amplitude Clinical Outcomes proudly presents testimonials from healthcare professionals who have experienced the transformative impact of our innovative solutions. Let their voices speak to the seamless integration of technology and expertise, amplifying clinical excellence.


Maxim Horwitz – Consultant Orthopaedic Hand & Wrist Surgeon:

According to Maxim, “Outcomes are an important element allowing me to give best clinical practice – Amplitude pro one™ gives me an easy way to achieve this electronically.” His endorsement highlights the user-friendly platform of Amplitude pro one™, a beacon for innovation in healthcare outcomes.



Toby Baring – Consultant Upper Limb Surgeon:

Baring emphasises the significance of routine clinical outcome collection. “Being able to routinely collect clinical outcomes is an essential component of one’s practice, not just for research purposes but for constructive feedback, self-reflection, and appraisal – Amplitude pro one™ gives me an easy way to achieve this electronically.’’



David Bowe – Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon:

Bowe lauds the Amplitude system for its invaluable impact on Airedale Upper Limb Clinic patient care. “The Amplitude system is invaluable for our care of our patients at the Airedale Upper Limb Clinic.” His endorsement showcases Amplitude’s cutting-edge technology that enhances patient well-being, exemplifying the commitment to advancing healthcare.


These testimonials echo the transformative power of Amplitude Clinical Outcomes’ solutions, where innovation seamlessly integrates with expertise to elevate patient care. Explore more about our dedication to advancing healthcare through Amplitude’s pro one™ system at

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