The Amplitude Masterclass for PROMs Coordinators launches today

Today our Account Managers hosted the very first Amplitude Masterclass. 

The Amplitude Masterclass brings together Amplitude front-line users from across that nation to provide them with a platform where they can share their experience on how to achieve best practice and seek advice from other people who have gone through similar situations.  

During today’s meeting, those in attendance shared their most recent achievements and newest challenges with colleagues and counterparts from other hospitals, and our Account Management team were on hand to answer any questions that were raised.  

Support and collaboration are at the heart of Amplitudes culture, which is why we are dedicated to creating a collaborative Amplitude community.  

Amplitude’s Managing Director, Susan Williams, would personally like to thank everyone who attended for their participation.  

If you are an Amplitude customer and are interested in joining the next Amplitude Masterclass, please contact your Account Manager directly.  

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