Amplitude launches its NJR extended service for all joint specialities

Since January 2020, we have been able to offer our customers a single instance platform, via the Amplitude pro enterprise™ system, for National PROMs and NJR data capture and reporting. This service allows hospitals to collect PROMs data from patients remotely via a user-friendly portal as well as link all NJR data to these PROMs. 

For more information on how Amplitude can transform and streamline a hospitals NJR and National PROMs data submission processes, check out our Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust case study.

Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Both datasets are transmitted electronically to NHS Digital and NJR respectively while the hospital retains the data locally for patient monitoring and to evidence the quality of care delivered. 

Until now, this service has been restricted to just hip and knee arthroplasty patients due to National PROMs requiring only these procedures and the NJR not being able to accommodate bulk upload for the lower volumes of ankle, elbow and shoulder replacements. 

However, Amplitude is pleased to announce we will be extending our service to enable hospitals to collect NJR data for all joint specialties, including shoulders, ankles, and elbows as well as collect PROMs data for these procedures. The data for hip and knee will continue to be submitted through bulk upload while the data for shoulders, ankles, and elbows will be submitted directly to the NJR, on behalf of our customers, by Amplitude’s internal administrative team. The PROMs data for ankles, elbows and shoulders will be collected and retained within the hospitals’ pro enterprise™ platform. 

This process ensures that all joint replacements and associated PROMs are recorded in one location, allowing hospitals to take advantage of pro enterprise™ extensive reporting capabilities, whether that be for monitoring compliance, proactively identifying areas for service improvement, for research and audit or contract negotiation.   

If you want to learn more about the Amplitude NJR extended service, please get in touch with our dedicated Customer Support team at or on 033 0140 6363. 

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