Unlocking Best Practice Tariff Compliance: Amplitude’s Impact on Spinal Patient Care

Are you treating spinal patients? Claim your share and unlock +£100,000 of NHS funding and private contracts with Amplitude.

Both NHS and private hospitals in the UK must submit at least 50% of consented patients to the British Spine Registry (BSR) or risk losing vital revenue from the Best Practice Tariff (BPT) uplift for NHS-funded patients and valuable patient referrals (from Health Purchasing Alliance (HPA) and others).  

Our pro enterprise™ platform gives you complete control over data submissions, thereby ensuring you reach target compliance rates, enabling you to access the increased revenue and patient referrals. This control guarantees you a rapid return on investment while providing valuable insights into your organisation’s clinical outcomes.  

How Amplitude can help you:  

Reducing Admin by Automating Processes.  

We interface with your PAS/EPR system to reduce the administration of onboarding patients. This process also helps improve patient consent rates, a requirement for reaching the threshold rates.  

Optimising workflows to maximise compliance.  

We work with you to optimise workflows so there are as many patient touch points as possible to enable patients to effortlessly complete their PROMs at multiple points along the care pathway.  

Monitoring your performance to put you in control. 

We provide you with real-time monitoring of patient and clinician compliance so you can proactively take control to address shortfalls in compliance before it is too late. Amplitude provides dashboards, visualisations, and analytics tools to help you identify trends, patterns, and areas that offer opportunities for enhancing performance. 

Easy reporting on all your data to give you invaluable insights into the quality of care. 

In addition to our real-time compliance rate reporting, we offer a simple-to-use reporting tool that allows you to conduct audits to monitor quality metrics beyond those specified in the BPT guidelines. This data can help monitor evidence-based practices and quality improvement initiatives that enhance patient outcomes.  

The Result:  

Best Practice Tariff requirements are easily met and exceeded through Amplitude’s software. Your hospital’s eligibility for additional government support and funding will be amplified, along with opportunities to work with the Health Purchasing Alliance (HPA).  

Amplitude helps hospitals achieve a positive return on investment by securing this potential revenue; whilst opening avenues for further support and resources.  

Don’t settle for ordinary results. With Amplitude, you can surpass the Best Practice Tariff threshold and propel your hospital toward success. Contact our Customer Support team and discover how we can help you access your unclaimed revenue.   

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