The British Spine Registry Annual Report 2021 has been published

The British Spine Registry (BSR) has recently published its 2021 Annual Report.

Download a copy of the British Spinal Registry Annual Report.

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The BSR collects data relating to 7 major spinal pathways and 1 research study pathway. Amplitude provides the platform to the BSR which is used across the UK and now contains surgical and PROMs data on well over 250,000 patients.

The primary aim of the registry is to improve patient care and the understanding of spinal surgery based on research and analysis of the data collected. In addition, their other objectives include:

  1. To quality assure surgery at unit and surgeon level
  2. To perform clinical research
  3. To assess device performance
  4. To capture patient outcomes

Submitting data to the BSR was mandated by specialist commissioning in 2016 and the registry has been subject to a Best Practice Tariff since early 2019. This has been largely replaced for NHS Trusts by block contracts, but it is still a requirement to add patients to the BSR for a hospital to maintain that block contract.

Amplitude has also worked with the BSR to create a detailed case study explaining the history of the registry, how Amplitude has enabled the collection, monitoring and analysis of patient data to become part of everyday working practices, and the key achievements of the BSR to date.

For more information on the British Spine Registry (BSR) and the importance of the data they collect, please visit the BSR website.

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