Unlock the power of Amplitude for simple PHIN PROMs data collection and reporting!

Amplitude has been an established supplier of PHIN data for easy reporting to PHIN since 2014.

Why choose Amplitude to collect your PHIN data? 

Whether you simply want to collect and report on just PHIN PROMs or you require a comprehensive, organisation wide PROMs platform for all pathways, specialties and registry data, Amplitude has the solution. 

Wherever your journey starts with the collection of PROMs, by selecting Amplitude you are selecting one of the most experienced and forward-thinking PROMs providers. We are continually evolving and developing our system and clinical content within this “plug and play” system. This ensures you are future proofing yourself for changes to datasets for PHIN, mandated registries and NHS England, keeping up with best practice and leveraging opportunities presented by emerging technologies, whilst also maintaining the highest levels of security and data protection. 

As standard, all our platforms have the ability to record complexity factors and co-morbidities, thus putting PROMs into context by ensuring accurate case mix adjustment is factored in. 

Our system puts you in control by giving you access to real-time data, out of the box dashboard reports, a range of customised reports, as well as an easy-to-use report writing tool. 

Steps to success 

Step One – Choose either our patient self-registration functionality, where patients log-in and register themselves before entering their PROMs data. Or choose to interface Amplitude with your EPR or PAS system to electronically on-board patients, achieving significantly higher levels of patient compliance. 

Step Two – Decide if you want any pathways in addition to those required by PHIN. This can range from just the PHIN Satisfaction Module for every procedure carried out in your hospital, to a pathway for every single intervention covered by your organisation, and any sub-set in between.  

What do you need? 

PHIN PROMs only 

For those organisations just wishing to capture PHIN PROMs, you can stop wasting time on the creation and formatting of PHIN data extracts! Amplitude generates a structured “ready to go” report with all necessary identifiers included. This makes consolidation with other PHIN required data seamless, so you no longer have to waste precious time preparing data submissions or rely on the accuracy of error-prone manual tasks.  

PHIN and Registries  

For those Providers who dread having yet another system to manage PROMs, Patient Satisfaction, and other mandated registries such as National PROMs, NJR (National Joint Registry), and BSR (British Spine Registry), Amplitude provides you with a single platform that does it all. No other system provider offers this level of inclusivity. Data is entered once, retained by the organisation, and gets sent electronically to the relevant stakeholders. No fuss! Job done! 

PHIN, Registries and any other pathways  

For Providers who want to collect PROMs across their whole organisation, whatever the intervention, Amplitude can support you. And don’t forget the case mix adjustment capability which means you can carry out meaningful analysis of this data to help identify areas of service improvement and, if you so choose, publish and promote the quality-of-care patients can expect from your hospital(s) and clinicians. 

If you offer private treatment in the UK and would like to know more about how Amplitude can streamline your organisations collection of PROMs (patient reported outcomes) data and transform your data submission to PHIN, contact our team to book your free system demo 

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