Established supplier of PHIN data for easy reporting to PHIN

Amplitude has been an established supplier of PHIN data for easy reporting to PHIN since 2014.

Why choose Amplitude to collect your PHIN data?

What makes Amplitude different to any other supplier is that we provide hospitals with a single electronic platform for all their PHIN (Private Healthcare Information Network) and registry data capture and reporting. This simplifies and streamlines data capture and workflow processes, reducing administrative overheads and increasing data quality and compliance rates.

Amplitude captures all PHIN procedure data, and PROMs data, and generates a structured report that makes consolidation with other PHIN required data and onward submission, simple. Therefore, taking away the monthly burden this task can often create.

In addition, all nationally mandated and recommended registry data is captured easily within the same platform, including National PROMs, NJR (National Joint Registry), BSR (British Spine Registry) and Mesh Registry.

Whatever the intervention, Amplitude can support you with collecting accurate and meaningful outcomes data across any specialty, as well as capturing complexity factors and co-morbidities to ensure accurate case mix when reviewing PROMs.

Amplitude offers a range of reports as standard, including bespoke PHIN extracts, compliance, and outcomes reports. This data is available in real-time and be retained by the organisation for research and auditing purposes.

With Amplitude, you can collect, monitor and analyse PHIN PROMs and Patient Satisfaction data in one place. No other system offers this level of inclusivity.

What is PHIN?

The Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) is an independent, government-mandated organisation responsible for publishing performance and fees information regarding private consultants and hospitals.

Everyone knows that private healthcare can be complex, which is why PHIN believe that greater transparency and better information not only helps people make more informed choices, but also helps hospitals and consultants to improve their services.

PHIN has been collecting PROMs responses since 2017 for a range of surgical and cosmetic procedures. Five years later, PHIN is working with over 600 hospitals and 15,000 consultants that offer private treatment in the UK. Each hospital is required to submit data about every privately funded treatment they provide.

If you offer private treatment in the UK and would like to know more about how Amplitude can streamline your internal data collection and monitoring processes, contact our team to book your free system demo.

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