International Spine Registries Meeting 2023

With the increase in regulation for new and existing orthopaedic implants, in the UK from the United Kingdom Compliance Assessment (UKCA), and in Europe from the Medical Device Regulations (MDR), it is only a matter of time before manufacturers approach registries to source data about their implants. Without this data, manufacturers will not meet the latest set of requirements for new and existing implants and will run the risk of their products being unsaleable. 

Therefore, due to the increasing number of established spinal registries, an International Spine Registries Meeting has been organised for March 2023. The meeting will take place at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital and will offer spinal registries from around the world the opportunity to collaboratively discuss the benefits and issues around the need for registry data to be shared externally. 

Amplitude Clinical Outcomes has been invited to represent the British Spine Registry (BSR) at the event. We are grateful for the opportunity to discuss the topic of data sharing with our international counterparts.

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