Key learnings from the Amplitude Customer Forum Day

Amplitude Clinical Outcomes, producers of the UK’s leading digital PROMs software, enjoyed welcoming customers and registry administrators, to join together for the inaugural Amplitude Customer Forum Day.

Customers from hospitals and clinics, both public and private, gathered on 13th November 2017 to discuss the Amplitude pro series platform solution, currently being used by everyone in attendance.

The goals of the day were to encourage collaborative thinking and to discover best practise solutions to problems faced by likeminded individuals.

Ahead of the event, Amplitude encouraged participants to consider areas of the platform that excel and also explore challenges experienced when collecting PROMs with regards to infrastructure, logistics, resources, processes and communication. The results are in!

Where does the Amplitude pro series™ Excel?

  • Simple to use and self-explanatory
  • User friendly
  • Easy administration and system management
  • Enthusiastic and effective implementation teams that support users
  • Configurable – supports collection as extensive or as limited as each organisation requires
  • Easy for volunteers within hospitals to assist patients in entering data
  • Great customer service support from Amplitude
  • Easy and instant access to data for review and reporting as all data available in real time

The key challenges experienced by those attending revolved predominantly around:

  • Culture
  • Processes

These manifested in;

  • Compliance by clinician, patient and admin teams
  • How to increase compliance at all 3 levels:
    1. Email content
    2. Ensuring it’s easy to understand
    3. Content is of benefit to patients
  • Email Deliverability
    • Knowing what emails have been sent
    • What to do if emails bounce
    • Checking to see they have been sent
  • Patient Portal Device Optimisation
    • Ensuring the platform is optimised for mobile and tablet use
  • Physical site restrictions
    • Physical size of the clinic restricts the gathering of PROM’s
  • Language barriers
    • Patients with English as a second language


  • Wifi stability within the end user’s location
  • Patients requiring assistance with technology
  • Data being entered straight into registries, bypassing local host sites
    • Local clinician inputting directly to registry
    • Data is sent straight to registry with no local record
    • Data exchange between Enterprise and Registries would enable data to be in both places, with only one data entry, but not being used.
  • Time restrictions applicable to all stakeholders
  • Gaining consent at the point of capture



Key Information from the day

It can be hard to grow clinical and patient compliance, as experienced by those attending the forum. However, customers were pleased to discover that there are several tools available to assist with this challenge:

  • Bespoke and branded patient leaflets explaining the importance of completing PROMs questions
  • A knowledgeable and helpful customer support desk, open 5 days per week 9am to 5pm
  • A knowledge base section on the Amplitude website offering ‘how to’ guides and documents
  • 1-2-1 guidance and training sessions with the account and project management team.

Attendees also spent time mapping out the best practise PROMs collection process, collectively discussing and agreeing on key factors that must be considered during the process such as touch points, ensuring clinicians engage with the patients about PROMs, and ensuring that the initial emails sent to patients are compelling and what to do with email-less patients.

The day came to an end with a discussion of the reporting functionality and the tools available to overcome many of the key challenges previously discussed. Finally, the event was closed out with an overview of the platform’s development roadmap for the next 6-12 months.

The attendee’s event evaluation forms showed that everyone found to benefit from the day, with some great suggestions for future topic discussions and some great ideas for further developing the network of individuals who use the Amplitude pro series™.

The date for the 2nd annual Customer Forum Day will be released shortly and we look forward to welcoming all in 2018.

To find out more about how the Amplitude pro series™ could help you, call 0333 014 6363.

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