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pro one™

Amplitude pro one™ is the first and only product to give you a detailed ‘whole practice’ view of all your patients’ outcomes regardless of location or funding.
It provides the ideal platform for individuals and small teams, to capture and report on outcome data, whether for all patients or for specific diseases, diagnoses, interventions and care pathways.

The system allows you to add accurate case mix adjustment and monitor the progress of your patients, picking up deviations from expected recovery and any post intervention complications, so these can be quickly dealt with as necessary.

pro one™ can be used to generate surgical log books and revalidation reports, quickly and easily, taking away the administrative drudgery of maintaining and producing these.

Being web based, it gives patients the freedom to complete scores online, anywhere and on any device with the Consultant dashboard giving clinicians the ability to quickly input treatment and patient specific data. All data is retained within your own system and available in near real-time for reporting and analysis, keeping you in control.

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