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The NHS cannot magically produce the tens of thousands of doctors and nurses, support staff, clinic slots and operating theatres required to combat the waiting list backlog or even get close to the 80% pre Covid target that has been set. The only solution has to be a paradigm shift in how patients are assessed and treated.

One obvious option is to leverage technology to support that paradigm shift, whilst ensuring there is no compromise in patient care, and ideally care quality actually improves.

Amplitude is and has been for the last 5 years, delivering such technology to the NHS, supporting its many customers in addressing not just waiting list backlogs but also, continued monitoring of covid patients, monitoring of patients with chronic diseases and providing a tool to clinicians that help them with their clinical assessment and treatment of patients whilst also reducing administration.

Amplitude has a largely automated process that remotely collects data from patients, enabling clinicians to easily assess severity, deterioration in condition as well as deviations from expected recovery. This automated process ensures patients most in need can be easily prioritised, whilst those who are stable or recovering as expected do not take up precious NHS resources for unnecessary routine appointments. This provides a significant tool to aid both surgical and clinic waiting list management.

Each patient is assessed using validated scores and questionnaires pertinent to their condition, disease or intervention. An interface from and to the Trust EPR can onboard patients into Amplitude and even put them onto the appropriate pathway so they automatically receive the relevant scores and questionnaires even before they have their initial consultation. This is all done without any administrative overhead. Data can be sent back to the EPR ensuring full interoperability and maintaining a single, up to date, patient record.

Clinicians can use the data to support their assessment and treatment of patients in both virtual and face to face clinics, available in the clinical dashboard in real-time. The data is clinically relevant, pertinent and easily accessible to clinicians, with graphs and charts built in to show trends in the condition or outcome after care.

The Amplitude platform has an alert function that can alert a clinician when a patient records scores that are outside of the expected range, so enabling quick review and intervention if required, thereby swiftly addressing any issues or complications before they deteriorate further.

By consistently gathering this standardised data within a department and organisation, valuable insights can be gained into best practice, activities that are a drain on resources and areas that can be streamlined to gain cost savings and productivity efficiencies.

About Amplitude

Working in both the public and private sectors, in the UK and globally, Amplitude Clinical Outcomes provides a single outcomes platform for elective, emergency and trauma surgery as well as chronic illnesses and diseases, mental health conditions and other clinical specialities.

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