Amplitude undergoes annual Web Application Penetration Testing

Amplitude underwent its annual web application penetration testing on the 25th of August 2022. The testing was conducted by Mitigate Cyber and involved both infrastructure and software testing. This testing was conducted with the purpose of determining whether the Amplitude systems were secure and could withstand a real-world cyber attack.

Based on Amplitude’s risk profile, primary security concerns and the vulnerabilities identified at the point of the engagement, the results of the testing were that, overall, the security of the Amplitude systems was of a high level. The list of exploitable/potentially exploitable issues found was minimal, and the severity of these issues was minor.

Amplitude has always been committed to proactively protecting its systems, as well as the registries, NHS Trusts, private practices, and individual clinicians we work with. Ensuring the company operates at a high security level is of the greatest importance. Therefore, Amplitude would like to extend its thanks to its in-house development team as without their continuous dedication and hard work they would not have been able to achieve such an outstanding security ranking.

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