World’s first combined Orthopaedic Clinical Registry launches in South Africa

The South African Orthopaedic Association (SAOA) has launched a digital clinical research tool that will support surgeons of all orthopaedic specialities to monitors a patient’s road to recovery, improve the quality of care being delivered and monitor device and implant performance.

The South African Orthopaedic Association (SAOA) has created a clinical research tool that gathers data on all orthopaedic specialities in one location. Historically, and as is in the UK at present, specialist orthopaedic societies gather data on their own specialist areas, but in a ground-breaking move, the SAOA will be collecting clinical and patient reported outcome measures for all surgeries in any orthopaedic specialty.

The system, powered by Amplitude Clinical Outcomes, can track and monitor procedures and interventions after the initial intervention takes place for as long as required and up to the remaining life of the patient if necessary. Surgeons can record, in great clinical depth, the details of the operation performed. Patients are asked to complete a set of scores, similar to online questionnaires, in which they can report measurable criteria like their ability to move and complete tasks, the level of their pain or how well they are recovering from any interventions that take place.

However, it’s not just a questionnaire, as the innovative software will consider other problems or health concerns affecting the patient. This ensures that the information submitted to their clinicians is relevant and meaningful. The clinician has immediate access to this information and can use the data to inform the patient’s treatment plan.

The SAOA hopes that, by combining all data, they will be able to create valuable insight and use the consolidated data for decision support in both treatment choices and long-term clinical device selection. The SAOA aims to advance the practice of Orthopaedic surgery performed in South Africa, providing best practice guidance to ensure consistent levels of patient care is delivered throughout South Africa.

Susan Williams, Managing Director, Amplitude Clinical Outcomes said:

“We are thrilled to be working with the SAOA on such a ground-breaking registry. We are confident the system will support the SAOA in their objective of creating a consistent level of patient care in South Africa and the simple and intuitive design of our software will become part of a clinician’s daily routine.”

The system has already launched and is collecting data from day one, helping the SAOA to position itself as a world leader in digital innovation and reinforce the continual improvement of care provided.

For more information on the South African Combined Orthopaedic Registry, or for more information on Amplitude Clinical Outcomes, please contact a member of our team or call us on 0333 014 6363.

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