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Amplitude Clinical Outcomes

Amplitude Clinical Outcomes Software; available in Multiple Language Options

Web based technology allows businesses to reach consumers, anywhere in the world; and is now being used to support clinicians around the globe, to compare clinical outcomes across national borders.  Amplitude, as an international enterprise, is pioneering the way in which multi-lingual data capture enables clinicians to gather data from patients, regardless of nationality or location; and share and compare that data, in the pursuit of continuous improvement and best practice.

Previously, clinicians from different parts of the world, would rarely get an opportunity to share outcome data with other centres, apart from a few multi-centre research projects that were administratively burdensome and expensive to run.

Amplitude, as the leading supplier of electronic PROMs to the NHS, and as a leading supplier of clinical registries both in the UK and internationally, has developed a multi-lingual patient portal that allows the same scores and questionnaires, to be presented to the patient, in the language of choice, no matter where in the world they are.  Clinically relevant data, entered by the clinician or a delegate, is combined with patient reported feedback to put the PROMs data into appropriate context.  This results in meaningful outcome data that clinicians can analyse, review, share and collaborate on.  We hope that this will be a major breakthrough for clinical researchers.

Amplitude is increasingly being called upon to provide its platform to support the collection of data by clinical registries and centres from around the globe.  We work hard to create systems that make the user experience as easy and simple as possible.  Clearly, facilitating the completion of questionnaires in a user’s own language is a necessary requirement, which has been a key factor for the growing demand.

Our international customer base is expanding quickly and we are proud to report that one of our international registry customers is about to launch its patient forms in Brazilian Portuguese, Greek, German, Italian and Japanese, with 5 more languages soon to follow.

This is an exciting time for Amplitude.  As leaders in global electronic clinical outcomes and PROMs solutions, we offer customers a range of solutions and options.  To learn more about Amplitude and its software for capturing outcomes data, please contact us at or call 0333 014 6363

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