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Amplitude Clinical Outcomes

Amplitude Pro One – Consultant Data

Consultant data is vitally important to gather information on your patients and by giving them the opportunity to self-assess you can better monitor their progress. Validated outcomes completed via a mobile device is one of the best ways to get their input on how they perceive their outcome and experience after having been treated by you. This, in turn, enables you to build reports that enable you to make improvements where needed whilst learning what works with a given patient.

Clinical Outcomes for Clinicians

The outcome of your patients’ treatment is important to you as a clinician. This is in terms of individual progress as well as trends seen over your entire practice. There needs to be a way in which you can reliably collect and then manage Patient Reported Outcome Measures, PROMs. These PROMs must be a good representation from across your entire caseload and that will be of value for research and ongoing revalidation.

Since clinical outcomes will become mandatory in the year 2017, the pressure is on for you to provide solid data about your patients as well as the treatment they receive. Unfortunately, gathering this data can be altogether too time consuming. As well, data collected is notoriously misleading if not seen in a clinical context which then leads to making conclusions that are erroneous about you and even about your practice.

Why Choose Amplitude Pro One?

If you are looking to have control over the collection and management of your patients’ clinical outcomes, Pro One is the perfect vehicle. Not only is it conducive to collecting PROMs from private practice patients but from NHS patients as well with just one platform. You can use this data to analyse, report and even share it as needed.

Pro One is an easy-to-use web based platform that allows you to literally automate the collection of pre and post op clinical outcomes. Since the process is managed for you, you have the ability to focus your attention on the validation of data with the Pro One dashboard. Once it is validated the data will be fair and, of course, a true representation of your clinical practice. In other words, your clinical outcomes will portray a true image of your case mix and yourself as a clinician.

How Amplitude Pro One Works

As mentioned above, the process is automated which means it is cost effective and time efficient for you. There is an interface that allows you to utilise a management system for your practice in which you can add new patients as needed. As well, you could manually enter them quickly in one minute or less. Once entered, patients are then put on the appropriate pathway to the assessment and SCORES specific to their treatment plans.

Once entered into the system, the patient will be contacted automatically and encouraged to complete the appropriate initial SCORES from any mobile device. Once you have completed the appropriate intervention the system automatically sends the next self-assessment and collects data as they enter it into the system in the same way as their initial SCORES. The system is ‘intelligent’ and thus able to send them the appropriate forms and with the reporting tool within the platform, you can then generate reports for immediate use or save them for a later date. You are also given the ability to design custom templates or extract raw data to be used for future audit, research and/or analysis.


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