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What We Do - Amplitude Clinical Outcomes


Using Amplitude to collect PROMs

PROMs give you the opportunity to give important feedback about your healthcare procedure and allows doctors to continue to monitor your health after you have been discharged.

It is now becoming increasingly important to capture PROMs at all stages of your progress and treatment. Many hospitals and clinicians are now mandated to do so. Gathering the most accurate information is best achieved using a system where patients, healthcare professionals and healthcare providers work together to ensure that it can be used to improve services, treatment and the quality of care that you receive.

Amplitude are global providers of software developed to make the collection of PROMs as simple as possible, whilst allowing clinicians to add as many complexity factors as they require.

Which platform is right for me?

A platform for;

1-5 clinicians | Units,Department or Hospitals | Research Projects | Post Market Surveillance | Registries

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