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How Amplitude’s Pro Registry Model Differs

Healthcare professionals need data from outcomes that is accurate and meaningful in order to better understand diseases, injuries and treatments that are relevant to their specialities. Standardised data is of vital importance in order to ensure that it is representative of a broad range of patients and over a long enough period of time so that in-depth analysis and research can be completed. There is no secret that the collection of this type of data can be expensive and hard to gather, especially on large scales such as a national or international level.

How Amplitude’s Pro Registry Works

Once treatment is complete it is still important to follow up on patients so that this data can be used to better understand whether or not the course of treatment was successful as it should be and if not, then why. Those using Pro Registry find that it is an easy to use platform online that can be used for the first-hand collection of patient information, especially those with specific conditions. It is also extremely useful when following the outcomes of specific treatments over a timeline that you have predetermined.

Pro Registry is not only user friendly but it is fast and for the most part, automated. SCORES are sent to patients at previously defined intervals so that patients can interact electronically. It also sends reminders that it is time to complete SCORES along the way and this information can be modified if further details are needed during the course of research and analysis. With pre-set defaults, the electronic information being collected can be completed on any device from desktop PCs to mobile devices to onsite devices.

The platform is also going to be tailored to your clinical needs so that it can collect all the necessary data from clinicians and their patients. It only takes approximately one minute to add patients to the system and after that, the process becomes automated. With just the click of one button, you can run reports and these can either be templates that are customised for you or from raw data files. In this way you can easily analyse, research and audit along the way.

How Amplitude’s Pro Registry Model Differs

Pro Registry by Amplitude is a model that centres on clinical engagement with patients and clinicians. When clinicians work with the system they are able to report in real time clinical data for reasons of revalidation and audit and for use with national comparisons. When patients engage with Pro Registry, they can do so on two distinct levels. On a personal level they gain insights on their personal recovery and then have the chance to discuss their findings with their own clinician. Also, on a broad scale, patients understand that all this information offers you the ability to better learn about particular illnesses and conditions and their course of treatment.

It is also possible for Amplitude to offer extra support and marketing as well as training for their Pro Registry platform. Current support is inclusive of building the necessary website, the recruitment of users and the education of patients. System training is offered so that essential components will be best utilised to safeguard that there are ample subscriptions to your SCORES platform and that it is also nationally compliant.

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