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Amplitude Clinical Outcomes

The backbone of the British Spine Registry

How BASS and Amplitude’s collaboration helped create a well subscribed registry

BASS knew exactly what it wanted to achieve with the British Spine Registry. They needed the ability to collect, monitor and analyse a significant amount of data on procedures, treatment and patient recovery as part of everyday working practices. The data had to be meaningful and, most importantly, easy to report on. BASS hoped that data collected in their registry would influence their specialty focus and therefore help improve practice and overall patient care.

With plans in place and initial interest very positive, the next stage was to actually find a fit for purpose and appropriate intuitive software to lead the way, making ideas a reality.

 Lee Breakwell, Consultant Spinal Surgeon and Member of the Audit and Registry Committee for BASS said: “We wanted a secure, web-based database that enabled rapid data entry but was flexible to meet the needs of users. The system ideally had to allow both minimal data entry for those that wished for a simple operation database, and a complex array of detailed questions for those that desired an in depth repository of clinical information.”

As well as the significant clinical capabilities, the system had to be easy to use. With busy clinicians in even busier clinical practices, the data entry needed to be a quick and time efficient in its processes in order to get overall buy in from users.

There was also the need to adhere closely to NHS security requirements, ensuring the software was highly secure, private and had assurances to prove it.

BASS sent the requirement out for tender, in the hope to attract a series of varied and high quality providers that could help ensure the British Spine Registry was robust and the technology high quality. Amplitude won the competitive tender process, proving itself the best platform for the required solution; the bid was said to have “the best ideas on design, construction, delivery timeline and cost”.

The solution – pro registry™

After winning the tender, Amplitude set about putting its proposal into practice – with the solution being pro registry™.

pro registry™ is part of Amplitude’s pro series, focusing solely on clinical outcomes management. It helps societies collect and report on professional registry data by providing a fully customisable, configurable outcomes platform that collects data of value to suit each specialty’s clinical need.

Specialty specific

pro registry™ is not a one size fits all approach, giving each registry the control over what PROMs to collect and what data each patient will capture.

Amplitude worked closely with BASS to understand their particular clinical focus, aims and evaluation requirements, and set about customising the system to for spinal procedures and intervention in the UK.

The British Spine Registry supports all pre and post-intervention outcome scores needed specifically for spinal intervention and treatment. This allows the registered clinicians to monitor their simple operative data or detailed clinical outcomes, putting them in control of their own data and reporting.

The entire platform is therefore completely clinically relevant for all of its spinal surgeon users, with scores that are genuinely useful and provide clear, appropriate insight.

High compliance

High compliance is crucial to ensure the validity of registry data.

In order to encourage optimum buy-in from both clinicians and patients, the registry needed to be easily accessible, simple to use, incredibly intuitive and cost effective. The platform is just that; a simple homepage with easy, secure navigation that makes sense medically, and patient centric pages that ensure their pathway of care is central to the entire recording process. Data can be entered by both clinicians and patients along various timescales across the patient care pathway, providing one of the first truly integrated clinical systems that involves both parties.

Completely secure

Amplitude uses the latest technology to ensure the security and privacy of any data it collects. pro registry™ is independently audited and the hosting provider is ISO27001 compliant – in short, it means all the necessary policies and processes are in place as required by the NHS. This assurance allows the consultants registered on the BSR to get on with what they do best, and collect appropriate and detailed outcomes in complete confidence.

The results

The proof, as they say, speaks for itself, not only with the interest from those in the industry who have got on-board but also with the actual quantity of data being collected – more than ever before.

Ashley Cole, Consultant Spinal Surgeon confirmed this, saying: “We are thrilled with the end result. The British Spine Registry was launched on 1st June 2012 and now has over 70 Spinal Surgeons entering data nationally. There are over 7000 patients entered onto the database with all regions of the UK represented. The first BSR Audit was presented to the National Spine Conference in Norwich in March 2013. This was the biggest spine audit ever presented at the annual meeting, improving greatly on previous attempts to collate data.”

Firmly of the belief that detailed and effective data collection for outcomes helps influence and improve patient care and treatment, Amplitude is determined to continue the good work and share these successful processes developed with the Spine Registry within other surgical specialties. Amplitude is now working in partnership with other registries, including The National Ligament Registry and the British Hip Society, and is already seeing results with their use of pro registry™.

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