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Amplitude Clinical Outcomes

BOTA audit project

Amplitude is working in partnership with The British Orthopaedic Training Association (BOTA) by providing them with an electronic platform to collect data for their “trauma snap shot project”.

The aim of the audit is to provide a “snapshot” in time of current practice in trauma surgery over a one-week period. Orthopaedic trainees will be collecting appropriate clinical data from associated trauma departments quickly and from location using Amplitude pro registry™.

Data will be added via PCs and iPads in a seven day window, and then analysed via the Amplitude pro reporting tool. Amplitude’s pro registry™ system provides a web-based platform, available via various hardware, that is easily accessible by orthopaedic trainees at several different centres across the UK. The software is also usable without significant training or outside influence.

The project will run for one week only in December.

For more information about the project, contact BOTA

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