Amplitude Clinical Outcomes is celebrating 10 years of providing clinically meaningful PROMs!

The Amplitude Clinical Outcomes journey began with the creation of the British Spine Registry (BSR) in May 2012. Fast forward 10 years and Amplitude is now a leading global provider of PROMs for registries, hospitals and individual clinicians.

Amplitude is the power behind numerous national and international registries, including the ground-breaking South African Orthopaedic Association (SAOA) Registry. Dozens of healthcare providers including the NHS and private hospitals in the UK, one of the largest private hospital groups in South Africa, and many individual clinicians across the world have adopted the Amplitude systems to collect, monitor and measure patient and procedural clinical outcomes, enabling continuous improvement of healthcare delivery.

To date, over 1 million patients are monitored via Amplitude platforms.  

Amplitude users benefit from real time access to patient data, reducing the administrative burden on data collection and enabling close surveillance of individual patient progress and immediate access to volumes of data never before available, for research and analysis to identify best practice.

In 10 years, Amplitude continues to lead the way in the collection and reporting of patient reported (PROMs) and clinical outcomes data. Some of the most recent breakthroughs include the creation of electronic extracts for PHIN reporting; the production of a largely automated process to link both National PROMs and NJR workflows and databases into one system; and the implementation of a streamlined electronic upload process for a range of national and international registries. Data need only ever be entered once and can be extracted and sent to required stakeholders. The data collected by Amplitude is used as a key source for numerous research projects and publications.

Amplitude’s current objectives are to continue to drive efficiencies in workflows and data collection, to support users with data sharing with NHS England, PHIN and other stakeholders, to deliver continuous enhancements to its’ reporting so that, as its customer base grows, more NHS hospitals, private hospitals and specialist registries can benefit from the invaluable data being captured.

Amplitude also intends to expand its international presence, building on successful implementations for customers in areas like South Africa, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand, by continuing to develop and refine its product.

Below is a message from Amplitude’s Managing Director, Susan Williams:

“It has been an exciting 10 years and we are proud to offer a tool that can support front-line clinical staff with individual patient care as well as providing data to evidence best practice and identify areas for service improvements. We are looking forward to the value and benefit the system can deliver to users in the next 10 years and beyond” 

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